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A way of thinking can be encouraged in family settings years ahead of the 11-plus, according to Anne Benson from Tutor Doctor.

Name: Anne Benson, Tutor Doctor, Aylesbury.

Top tips for maths: Make it meaningful with real life examples of how each skill might be applied – use student hobbies for inspiration.

Top tips for English: Get creative. By inspiring creative writing you engage the imagination whilst practising all sorts of English language skills. Such visualisation helps many children to improve. The vicious red-eyed rat scuttled off noisily down the slimy sewer on his way to…. The translucent multi-faceted jewel glinted in the dawn light as a unicorn…..

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Top tips for verbal/non-verbal reasoning: Puzzle books and logic problems. Play games that require mental juggling. 

Are you now offering online tutoring? Yes.

How are children responding? Natural.

When should a child start preparing for the 11-plus? A way of thinking, playing and engaging can be encouraged in family settings years ahead of the 11-plus exam! More specific preparation can be helpful in the year running up to the exam.

How to get into a top grammar school

How many hours a week does a child need to study? Variable according to child, family and tutor. If families are available for appropriate games and discussions day to day then study need only be an extension of that. A couple of hours a week split over two sessions will boost their confidence.

Best materials to use (and why are these effective)? Read widely covering material from different sources and authors to increase vocabulary and mental skills. Encourage students to read a newspaper, a selection of magazines, including such publications as National Geographic, and books that include historical as well as fantasy settings. Discourage long book series as these will have limited style and vocabulary.

What are the best grammar schools in the country?

Schools tutored for: Here and abroad including Aylesbury Grammar, Roseau Grammar in Dominica and others. Home education up to and including Open University degrees. 

How easy/hard are these to get into? Top 2-5% of students gain admittance into grammar schools.

How long have you been a tutor for? Approximately 20 years.

Website: https://www.tutor-doctor.co.uk/aylesbury

My 11+ journey: Sabah Hadi

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