Oxbridge breaks record for state pupils

Oxford and Cambridge have accepted record numbers of state school pupils to start this autumn, including some who did worse than expected at A-level, The Times reports.

Oxford is expected to announce that 68% of its new undergraduates are from state schools. Last year the figure was 62.3%, the newspaper says.

The figures represent a remarkable turnaround. In 1961, 34% of Oxford entrants were from state schools, which educate about 93% of the population. From the 1970s to the turn of the century the proportion was often below 50%. Five years ago it was still only 56%.

At Cambridge 70% of new UK students are from state schools, up from 68.7% last year. In 1979, half of Cambridge entrants were from state schools and only 20% were women.

Both universities have accepted pupils whose A-level results this summer were downgraded.

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