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Hello from the Grammar School Insider team! Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. The school summer holidays – which this year are unlike any other – are now fully underway.

For children in year 5 about to sit the 11-plus the six weeks provide a window for revision and exam practice. This is a huge amount of time to cover topics and catch up if you are a bit behind. 

Some parents opt to sign their child up for an intensive summer course and there are now many of these available. We partnered with Sabah Hadi, founder of 11 plus Journey Facebook group, to create a comprehensive list of these which can be found here. We’ve been in touch with people across the country. Some of these courses are being held on-site which gives me hope that the schools will be able to find a way to reopen fully in September. 

My 11+ journey: Sabah Hadi

We have already written about how the 11 plus Journey Facebook group came into being, along with a number of other support groups, in Tapping the social network for 11-plus advice, in case you missed it. 

We also had the pleasure to interview Juliet Rolls, founder of Cambridge Academic Tuition. Juliet runs a highly successful online tutoring agency which prepares children for some of the country’s top schools. She has some sound advice on 11-plus preparation, including the importance of maintaining momentum. 

We have also interviewed two other experienced tutors recently – Fatima Mirza and Christopher Niyazi. They both provide some great tips for 11-plus success. 

One of our most popular articles this week was a list of links to free exam papers to download. These are links to the exam papers – not the exam papers themselves – we hasten to add. We wouldn’t want to infringe on anyone’s copyright. We have prepared a follow up article with some links to other exam papers you may not have come across yet which will be published next week. 

As always, we are keen to hear from you. If there are things that you would like to see on the site, please drop me an email. You can also write and share your experience of taking your child through the 11-plus adventure (we pay a small fee for these). We do take advertising, which will be indicated as sponsored content.

Thanks again for your support for the website and its content, which can also be found on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

That’s all for now – thanks again for your support, it really is appreciated.

Lucy Jones
Editor, Grammar School Insider.

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