New wifi at Aylesbury grammar supports digital learning

A grammar school in Aylesbury has improved its wireless connectivity with a solution from education WiFi experts Redway Networks, The Bucks Herald reports.

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar school’s new ExtremeCloud IQ WiFi 6 infrastructure will support digital teaching and learning by providing a secure, robust wireless network for over 1,300 pupils.

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, based in Aylesbury, is a Google school and part of the Insignis Academy Trust, which is committed to using the latest technology to enhance learning and teaching.

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All students have their own Chromebooks for learning and with teachers’ laptops and other connecting devices, such as smart phones which students can have on them during the day, typically over 3,000 devices are connecting to the school’s network, The Bucks Herald reports.

The solution will future-proof the school in terms of technology for the next ten years.

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