Tutor View: Louise Formicola, Champs Learning

We personally believe that 12 months duration is enough to prepare well for the 11-plus, says Louise Formicola from Champs Learning.

Name: Louise Formicola, Champs Learning

Top tips for maths: Concept clarity, application and time management. These are the key factors in scoring good marks in maths.

Top tips for English: Good reading with understanding will be the key success factor for English. Reading helps in vocabulary, grammar and comprehension as well.

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Top tips for verbal/non-verbal reasoning: Most of the questions from these sections of the 11-plus exams have a set pattern and definite method to solve them. Learn those methods and learn to identify these questions quickly from the exam paper.

Are you now offering online tutoring? Yes. We are offering tuition in both settings – classrooms as well as online.

How are children responding to online learning: Our experience has been overwhelming. We managed to reach students with physical as well as online content with the same teachers teaching in small groups, our students didn’t find it difficult to adapt to the online settings and enjoyed the learning.

When should a child start preparing for the 11-plus? We personally believe that 12 months duration is enough to prepare well but for some students, they start getting familiarised with the subjects from year 4.

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How many hours a week does a child need to study? At least one hour per day dedicated study is a must. It can be one day for one subject also.

Best materials to use (and why are these effective)? Structured content like Champs Learning books which gives a direction and framework to a student’s study plan is always supportive.

For practice, there are many tests in the market. Many people use Bond books for practice and they are enough.

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Schools tutored for: Almost all for London and the surrounding London area.

How long have you been a tutor?

Champs Learning has existed for the last 10 years. Each teacher has more than 20 years of teaching experience in a personal capacity.

Price of tuition:

11 Plus for Year 5 – Total course fees is £3,000 (£250 x 12 months)

11 Plus for year 4 – Total course fees is £2,200 (£200 x 11 months)

Website: www.champslearning.co.uk

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