Colyton Grammar pupils more likely get top university place

Students at Colyton Grammar School are more likely to get into a top university than their peers at any other state school or college in Devon.

They are closely followed by students at selective grammar schools in Torbay and Plymouth, according to Devon Live.

The latest figures from the Department for Education reveal that out of the 330 Key Stage 5 students at Colyton Grammar over the past three years, 199 went on to study at a Russell Group university – generally considered to be the best in the UK.

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Of that number, 37 went to Oxford or Cambridge.

Torquay Boys’ Grammar School also had 199 pupils (43 percent) who went on to study at a Russell Group university over the past three years, the second highest proportion of students in Devon.

It was followed by Torquay Girls Grammar School (36 percent), Devonport High School for Girls (34 percent) and Devonport High School for Boys (33 percent).

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