Cancellation of Kent Test ‘impractical’

Cancellation of the Kent Test would have been “impractical”, Kent County Council’s (KCC) cabinet member for education, Cllr Richard Long (Con) has said.

A total of 17,000 students are expected to take the Kent Test, delayed until October, despite criticism that the testing process would “acutely” affect disadvantaged children.

According to Kent Live, speaking during a recent KCC education committee meeting on July 30, Cllr Long said: “Moving the date of the Kent Test will not necessarily address all forms of disadvantage. Other options available to us were simply impractical.”

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“The main option would have been to cancel the test altogether and relied on teacher assessments for all 17,000 children. This raised all sorts of practical problems.”

According to Kent Live, Cllr Long stressed that teachers outside of the county are not used to the Kent Test marking system and would have struggled to assess the exam properly for the 6,000 pupils.

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He added that some grammar schools in Kent are self-governing academies, which means the final decision to go ahead with the exam would have rested in the hands of the education establishment. KCC acts as an adviser to these schools.

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