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Take note of different writing styles and how they are achieved. What is the difference between an internet news article and a novel? A play and a scientific report? Here are some top tips for succeeding in the 11-plus from OxBridge Centre (UK).

OxBridge Centre (UK)

Top tips for maths: These exams are all about fluency and the ability to apply your knowledge in all areas of maths. Fluency is your ability to work through problems at speed. So practise against the clock! Try to work out what your weak areas are and keep practising related questions to build a better understanding. In the exam, ask for help when needed and always double check your answers! Don’t get stuck on one question. Move on and go back to it at the end.

Top tips for English: The most important element here is your vocabulary. Knowing a wide range of words and how to uses them appropriately is the best tool in your arsenal. To build your vocabulary quickly, read as much varied and challenging literature as possible. Take note of different writing styles and how they are achieved. What is the difference between an internet news article and a novel? A play and a scientific report? In the exam, a couple minutes of planning will make the difference between an essay that flows well and one that rambles on…. and as always, check your work!

Top tips for verbal/non-verbal reasoning: These are about your ability to spot patterns, as well as your vocabulary. Practice makes perfect here! Keep practising relevant workbooks to get familiar with the question styles and weak areas. Ask for help when needed. Fun puzzle books or word games like Balderdash or Articulate can help. OxBridge Centre also offers verbal and non-verbal classes for 11-plus preparation.

Are you now offering online tutoring? Yes, all of our lessons are currently online in small groups of no more than seven pupils. We aim to reopen our three centres by September when we will offer both online and face-to-face tuition.

How are children responding? The students have adapted remarkably well to online learning. Our interactive platform allows them to answer questions, ask questions and even write the answers on the screen so teachers can track their progress just like a face-to-face lesson. It helps that we are still marking homework – so that students get even more detailed feedback.

When should a child start preparing for the 11-plus? There is no right answer as it depends on the individual. Some children may need more time to become comfortable with the examination styles. The 11-plus is a challenging exam, so the earlier the better to get a solid foundation for all subjects involved. This doesn’t have to be intensive exam preparation at the beginning, but a building of the core skills in literacy and maths as well as building a varied vocabulary.

How many hours a week does a child need to study? This again depends on the individual student and the time of year. During school terms, at most an extra hour a day for 11-plus preparation should be sufficient – working up to slightly more during weekends and holidays. Don’t forget to take breaks when studying to keep the brain alert. A relaxed, steady pace throughout the week is advisable, as opposed to cramming many hours in one day.

Best materials to use: A range, so that you are prepared for all eventualities. Try to mix serious study with fun activities to keep learning fresh. Our lessons each come with a work booklet which the students can keep and study from afterwards, which is our recommendation. They are effective because they are based on the National Curriculum and specifically tailored to help children’s progress from week 1 to week 46 throughout the year.

Schools tutored for: We had over 100 students accepted last year at the following schools: Tiffin, Tiffin Girls’, Wallington, Sutton Grammar, Nonsuch and many independent schools too, with scholarships.

How long has the centre been in operation? Over 20 years.

Main website: www.oxbridgeuk.com (tuition centre homepage)

Email: admin@oxbridgeuk.com Tel: 020 8949 8838

Sub website detailing about our books (used in our classes): Oxbridge Press

11+ self study website (relaunching in September at a special offer price): aplus11plus.co.uk

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