Most read articles in July

Here are our most read articles published in July, just in case you missed any of them.

Tapping the social network for 11-plus advice

Increasingly parents are taking to social networks to seek reliable real-time advice which has the added benefit of being free. We interviewed founders of some of the Facebook groups providing a platform for discussion of 11-plus issues.

Free independent school 11+ exam papers to download

11-plus practice exam papers can be bought from publishers such as Bond and CGP. They can also be downloaded for free from the websites of independent schools. Here are links to some of the papers available. Look out for part two next week.

How to get into a top grammar school

We interviewed Pi Academy’s Preeti Baviskar, Lynnette Dunster from Shine Tutors in Surrey and Ali Baig from North Finchley Tutors, among others.

My 11+ journey: S.L. Ager – The Cadwaladr Quests author S.L. Ager describes preparing her children for Kendrick School and Reading School exams.

Free 11-plus resources – July We will be running this section every month, so if you hear of any good free resources, please get in touch (

Which grammar schools have out of catchment places? We plan to update this article. If you have any information, please get in touch.

On-site and online intensive 11-plus courses taking place this summer – updated We researched this article in partnership with Sabah Hadi, founder of 11 plus Journey Facebook group and 11 plus Journey blog. We will hopefully be partnering on more articles.

11+ centre review: Eleven Plus Exams, Harrow Unsurprisingly, there was huge interest in this review, albeit old, of the Eleven Plus Exams centre in Harrow. What is your experience of this centre? Please comment below.

On-site and online intensive 11-plus courses taking place this summer – updated With the country finally emerging from the lockdown, some on-site mocks were due to take place.

Government advises 11-plus delay until October or November We were one of the first to publish this story. We link to information for headteachers and local authorities on co-ordinating tests that determine whether pupils qualify for selective secondary schools.

Tutor View: Ali Baig, North Finchley Tutors

Baig has had success in getting children into Henrietta Barnett and other top London schools. No wonder readers wanted to hear his advice.

Tutor View: Christopher Niyazi, Eleven Plus Tutors in Manchester

This article was only published on 20 July but had a huge number of hits. Interestingly, this tutor appears to have a following in Brazil as well as Manchester.

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