Tutor View: Juliet Rolls, founder of Cambridge Academic Tuition

When children take a break from 11-plus preparation – even for a month – their performance declines. It is important to maintain momentum, especially in the run up to exams, says Juliet Rolls of Cambridge Academic Tuition.

Name: Juliet Rolls, founder of Cambridge Academic Tuition

Top tips for maths: Mistakes are often made by not reading the question carefully. Make sure it is read carefully and understand what it is asking you to do. This is particularly important for the ISEB pre-tests as you cannot change an answer once it has been submitted. Translate the question into a maths calculation. Solve the problem in stages, check the question again and consider if your answer seems logical. Check your calculations to ensure they are correct. Show your working for paper questions.

Top tips for English: Read as much as you can as this helps with vocabulary, comprehension and writing. A list of suitable books can be found on my website. I also offer creative writing classes and have English specialists that work with me teaching English up to A-Level.

Top tips for verbal/non-verbal reasoning: Focus on the question, do not be distracted by the answers to start with. Make sure you fully understand the question. Vocabulary and reading are also vital and I have recommended The Cadwaladr Quests by SL Ager to many students. My students enjoy learning new vocabulary and I always make it fun and engaging.

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Are you now offering online tutoring? I am 100 percent online and will continue this way as it means that wherever students are in the world they can access the best tutors. Many of my students are international so this works very well and there are so many benefits of online tutoring that parents and students love it. There are many more resources that can be shared and the focus and improvement in results is outstanding. There is a closer one-to-one relationship with the tutor and students who often feel more comfortable in their own environment.

How are children responding? The children are responding incredibly well and love the lessons. I regularly receive e-mails from parents and students telling me how grateful they are. One parent recently sent me an email saying: “We are touched by your dedication and responsibility… it is the first time we have met such a dedicated teacher.” The children are really keen to do their follow up activities and respond very positively to seeing their progress. It is very rewarding for them to see their scores increase which builds confidence to ensure they are ready for the exams.

When should a child start preparing for the 11-plus? I teach children online from age five and despite their young age they respond really well. Most children start preparing by Year 3 or Year 4.

How many hours a week does a child need to study? It needs to be regular and often. We have noticed that when children take a break even for a month their performance declines. It is important to maintain momentum especially in the run up to exams.

Best materials to use: I was the first tutor in the UK to partner with Atom Learning and have a school account so that I can set tailored homework for each student.

If you are interested in promoting Atom Learning you are welcome to use my discount code for 20 percent off for subscribers which is 5AG3PFMr. 

I also use a wide range of resources from other publishers as well as online interactive activities and engaging games to make the learning fun. Motivation is key.

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Schools tutored for: Eton College, Harrow, Winchester, Radley, Rugby, Wellington, Wycombe Abbey, Cheltenham Ladies, St Paul’s, Westminster.

How easy/hard are these to get into? Very competitive but I have helped children succeed with passing the entrance exams and even be awarded academic scholarships. I also help with interview preparation and offer a school selection service and academic monitoring and guardianship for international pupils.

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How long have you been a tutor? I trained to be a teacher at the University of Cambridge and then taught at Queen’s College Prep School in London for several years before having four children of my own. Since having children I decided to work for myself and tutor. I have been tutoring for 15 years and have helped my own children gain entrance to their first choice independent schools. I also teach online for Eton College’s online learning platform.

Price of tuition per hour: Contact me on info@cambridgeacademictuition.co.uk for a bespoke plan based on your needs.

Website: www.cambridgeacademictuition.co.uk

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