Gloucestershire grammar schools delay 11-plus

Grammar schools in Gloucestershire have delayed the annual entrance test for primary school pupils, Gloucestershire Live reports.

The seven grammar schools in the county had been due to host it on 12 September.

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But in an announcement first put on to the Crypt School in Gloucester’s website, they say the plan now is for the test to be taken by children on 17 October.

A letter to parents and carers on behalf of all of the schools says: “Thank you for registering your child to sit the Gloucestershire Grammar School Entrance Test. On Friday, the Department for Education issued guidance strongly recommending that all grammar school entrance tests are moved back to mid-October or early November, allowing more time for all children, including disadvantaged children, to settle back into their primary school studies before sitting the entrance test.

“Collectively, we have considered this guidance and reflected on the impact of the recent lockdown on the continuity of learning for year 5 pupils.

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“We have now decided to follow this guidance and now plan to hold the Gloucestershire Entrance Test on Saturday 17 October, rather than on Saturday 12 September as had been previously advertised.”

The Department for Education urged grammar schools to delay their entrance exams until as late as November last week to enable children to catch up with missed learning due to the pandemic.

The government has published advice for headteachers and local authorities on co-ordinating tests that determine whether pupils qualify for selective secondary schools.

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It recommends that the tests, some of which take place in September, are delayed to late October or November, to give pupils more time back at school before being assessed.

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