Inviting opinion pieces on 11-plus issues, tutoring, mocks and resources

Grammar School Insider is inviting opinion pieces on 11-plus topics – including tutoring, creative writing, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, resources, mocks and courses.

The opinion pieces should cover the latest developments, discuss challenges and offer solutions without self-promotion. 

Send submissions to:

Each column should offer insight unique to the issue discussed and be aimed at Grammar School Insider’s core audience of parents, carers and tutors of children preparing to take the 11-plus.

The goal of these industry-expert columns is to educate readers on the ins and outs of the 11-plus process.

The columns will complement Grammar School Insider’s editorial coverage.

Columns should have a 600- to 700-word count. Sentences should be short.

Those interested in writing columns on a one-off or regular basis should send a one-paragraph summary of the topic and email to:

Once agreed, the opinion piece should be submitted within two weeks.

The column should include the author’s name, title, company, city, state and e-mail at the bottom of the piece, along with a headshot.

If approved, the opinion piece typically runs within 30 days of submission.

The submitted opinion pieces should be exclusive to Grammar School Insider and not published elsewhere. 

Please read articles on Grammar School Insider to glean ideas on 11-plus issues of the day.

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