Improve 11+ vocabulary in a flash

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Farquhar’s Vocabulary Flash Cards

If you are preparing your child for the 11+, building up your child’s vocabulary needs to be top of your list.

Learning challenging vocabulary for entrance exams is easier if you have several techniques up your sleeve, and flash cards are a way of adding some variety and fun at the same time.

Farquhar’s Vocabulary Flash Cards have been specifically created to develop the advanced vocabulary needed to underpin your child’s verbal reasoning skills, and ultimately help them succeed in the exam. With clear, child-friendly definitions, they are designed to complement tutor sessions and help parents work with their child.

Flash cards are a powerful learning tool that fits easily into your daily routine; simple and versatile, used regularly they will boost both confidence and results. Easily portable in small sets, the cards allow you to make great use of previously ‘wasted’ pockets of time, perhaps on car journeys or waiting for siblings. The cards will help your child to build up a bank of challenging vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms and compound words.

They can be used in many ways – as classic flash cards, stuck up around the house as words of the week, or a tool to make up your own games to challenge friends and family. They are an invaluable time-saving resource for busy parents.

This comprehensive resource includes 6 different packs, each with 200 key words and over 1,000 synonyms:

•          Levels 1, 2 and 3 provide the foundations of a broad vocabulary

•          Opposites Level 1 and 2 focus on synonyms and antonyms

•          The Compound pack helps children recognise the range of words which can be joined to form a new correctly spelt word, which may require a change of pronunciation or emphasis (these can be very hard to spot without practice)

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