Finding an English tutor for QEB, Tiffin, St Paul’s

My son is in year 4 at a private school. The schools I am targeting for him are as follows: QEB [Queen Elizabeth’s School], Tiffin, Wilson’s, Sutton Grammar School, Westminster School, St Paul’s, Dulwich College and the City of London School.  He is doing well in maths, science and other subjects but needs help with English.

Can you please suggest a really experienced English verbal reasoning tutor for my son’s 11-plus preparation? That person should be able to cover comprehension, creative writing, vocabulary, Spag [spelling, punctuation and grammar], handwriting, reading, cloze and verbal reasoning. Jay, Staines

Finding a tutor is no easy task – it might take having a trial lesson with two or three teachers before you find the right one.

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As your son is at private school, you could first ask the school for advice. They will have a senior member of staff who is in charge of secondary school transfer. He or she may be able to provide some recommendations. You may even be able to arrange lessons with a teacher at the school which would save time.

Do you know any parents at the school, perhaps those with children who have gone through the 11-plus, who may be able to make some suggestions?

The Tutors’ Association has some helpful hints on their website. They recommend finding a tutor through word of mouth, via agencies, through the school and by contacting The Good School Guide and The School Guide.

We have interviewed a number of tutors, some of which do online tutoring.

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Here are some other suggestions. Samantha Rae who has taught at Tormead School and Epsom College has candidates for the types of schools you are targeting.

Rachel Writes Right has seven years of tutoring experience, Julie Baldock (07906813735) offers online English tutoring for £22.50 an hour, FAU Learning and Support can also help.

Jackie Conway (English language and literature MA and PGSE and DBS certificate Tel 07824 304444), Claire Collett on Tutorhunt and Tutorful and Online English Tuition could also be possibilities.

Make sure you do your own checks, for example ask for references and check qualifications. Good luck.

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