Simon Langton Boys’ Grammar School head questions September return

Simon Langton Boys’ Grammar School head teacher Ken Moffat has expressed doubts over bringing all schools back in September under social distancing measures, Kent Online reports.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson has promised an in-depth explanation of how all school pupils will be able to return, with the details to be announced on Thursday.

The head of the Canterbury school has said the nature of secondary schools means they would not be able to fully open with social distancing measures in place.

He said: “We cannot socially distance in secondary schools. I’ve got classes of 32 kids, I can’t have them one metre apart, so if we are still required to socially distance in September then you’re not going to get all secondary schools back.

“All head teachers want kids back in school – we want it to work and we want to get them back where they belong.

“Who knows whether we can do it by this September, everything depends on whether we get a second spike of the virus.”

Mr Moffat said he believes the government will have to remove social distancing measures completely if they are to get every child back to school, Kent Online reports.

A campaign group September for Schools is calling on the government to provide a roadmap to get all children safely back to school by September.

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