11-plus reading: Death Sets Sail by Robin Stevens

In the ninth and final book in Robin Stevens’ Murder Most Unladylike Series Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells head to Egypt for a cruise on the Nile with school friend Amina, boy detectives The Junior Pinkertons and Hazel’s father and sisters.

Also aboard the SS Hatshepsut is the Breath of Life, a strange cult of English ladies and gentlemen who believe they are the reincarnations of pharaohs. When the cult’s leader is found dead in her cabin, Hazel and Daisy go on a hunt for the murderer.

There are twists and turns in their Egypt adventure – Daisy nearly drowns in the Nile when she falls overboard and is left for dead. The escapade is a little rushed at times and the vocabulary is not particularly challenging for 11-plus readers but all in all the book is an enjoyable ending to the popular series. Hazel and Daisy start careers as spies on returning from their event-filled Nile trip.

Death Sets Sail by Robin Stevens is available from Penguin on 6 August.

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