South Wilts Grammar to “continue the conversation” following BLM protest

South Wilts Grammar School has responded to pupils with a promise to “continue the conversation” after hundreds backed a letter calling for more black history to be taught.

An alumni student who left the school in 2015 wrote to South Wilts saying: “We just wanted to start this dialogue about what the school can do, it isn’t just our aim to chuck this letter at them, we want to help them. We want to actively work with the school so they understand.”

As reported by the Salisbury Journal, the student said the curriculum has always been “white-focused”, adding: “Schools need to recognise we’re built on structural racism. We need to look into the past and hear what has happened, and how this has influenced how we are today.”

In response, South Wilts head teacher Michele Chilcott sent a letter to signatories, which confirmed that upon the school’s reopening representatives will be invited onsite to “continue the conversation” and offer “feedback from [the] school community”.

Part of the letter said: “The demand and need for an overtly anti-racist agenda within all schools is crucial and we recognise that it is our duty to make it clear that racism is never acceptable, and also to educate and equip our young people to be able to challenge racism wherever they see it.

“All forms of prejudice, including racism are addressed across the curriculum throughout the school and over the years we have made progress with our curriculum and ethos. However, we also know that there is much still to do,” the publication reported.

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