TES: Some topics may be removed from 11+

Head teachers have said disadvantaged pupils could be offered the opportunity to sit the 11-plus exam at a later date to give them time to catch-up on content missed during school closures, according to TES.

Plans to help pupils who will sit the test in September for admission to grammar schools next year are being negotiated after heads expressed concern about the potential impact of school closures on disadvantaged pupils, the publication reported.

They also include test providers reducing the content of the tests to make sure topics which would normally have been covered during school closures is removed, chair of the Grammar School Heads Association Mark Fenton told TES.

Campaigners at anti-selection group Comprehensive Future said some pupils were only being given an extra week before they sat the test later this year, and that pupils with “Zoom 11-plus tutors” would be at an advantage.

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