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Good spelling, although relatively obvious, can sometimes be undervalued, according to 11 Plus UK.

Name: Mr. PQ and Mr. PK at 11 Plus UK.

Top tips for maths: We believe that times tables underpin a great deal of learning in maths, even some areas which you wouldn’t expect, such as shape, measure and statistics. There are also the more obvious links to percentages, fractions and decimals. We highly recommend developing automatic recall of times tables and related division facts. We’ve found that Hit the Button [an App for learning times tables] is a fantastic resource.

Top tips for English: Good spelling, although relatively obvious, can sometimes be undervalued. It is worth spending time ensuring that your child can spell common words correctly and understand their meaning. We’ve found that spelling games and tests make preparation more fun. Vigilance with spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar is equally important. 

Top tips for non-verbal reasoning: Having a systematic approach to non-verbal reasoning pattern solving problems is key. We prefer the “strawberry pancakes and nice sweet sauce” approach (SPANSS). These stand for shape, position, angle, number, shading and size and this approach can be used to systematically check the significance of each pattern or shape.

Are you now offering online tutoring? We solely offer online tuition and consider it to be the safest and most accessible medium for tutoring in today’s connected world. It reduces the need for transport time and costs and allows the child to learn in a comfortable environment, namely their own home.

Best materials to use: Although widely used, we favour materials produced by Bond 11+ due to their high quality and quantity of learning materials and practice tests. It has the added the bonus of being suitable for many ages and starting points.

Schools tutored for: Because we are specifically an online web tutoring service we have no geographical boundaries. However, we honed our skills with south-east England and London schools.

How long has your agency been operational? We are both fully qualified primary school teachers and have over 15 years of experience in both the state and independent sectors of education and have been tutoring for two years.

Price of tuition per hour: We offer both one-to-one sessions and group sessions.

Our one-hour 11-plus group lessons will have a maximum ratio of one to five to ensure that every child receives support. These lessons cost £20 per child per hour.

A one-to-one lesson will benefit those children who feel more comfortable without the presence of other children. These are priced at £40 per hour.

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