11+ centre review: Grays Tuition Centre

Around 80 percent of students at the centre aiming for Kent and Essex grammar schools pass the 11-plus.

Where: 12 London Road, Grays, Essex RM17 5XY

Grays Tuition Centre

Assessment: Free. The centre doesn’t turn away any children in year 4 but there is a selection process for children intending to complete the 11-plus course in year 5.

Number of children per class: 4

Lessons: In year 4 – two consecutive hours focusing on maths and English plus two hours of homework per week. In year 5, four hours studying English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning with three to four hours of homework set per week.

Target schools: Grammar schools in Kent and Essex.

Success rate: Around 80 percent of students at the centre pass the 11-plus. Grays Tuition does not have an estimate of the number of places those students are offered as almost all leave the centre as soon as the exam is taken.

Cost: £105 a month in year 4 rising to £215 a month in year 5.

Notes: Centre has moved tuition online as a result of the pandemic but is hoping to reopen classrooms this summer. A variety of study materials are used and mock exams are available in the summer.

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