Practice tests cancelled, exams delayed in Lincolnshire

Entrance exams to Bourne Grammar School in Lincolnshire have been delayed by a week due to the pandemic.

Tests for the September 2021 intake will now take place on the weekends of 18/19 September and 25/26 September.

The Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools, which coordinates the 11-plus exams, has also cancelled practice tests, The Rutland and Stamford Mercury reports.

Chairman David Allsop told the publication: “The consortium wants to make sure the testing remains fair for all.

“Due to the pandemic it was impossible to ensure that every child who intends to sit the actual test in September would have the opportunity to do a practice test beforehand as usual.

“This could have meant some pupils had a better chance to prepare than others. Therefore the consortium has decided to cancel the practice tests for this year.

“To mitigate the impact of this, we are directing families to material online to help pupils prepare.

Two more grammars in Northern Ireland – Thornhill College for girls and the all boys St Columb’s College have suspended academic selection for one year.

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