Grammar may end boarding, study says tuition will help poor pupils post-Covid

Sir Roger Manwood’s in Kent has said it may have to close its boarding facility while the Education Endowment Foundation has said catch-up tuition would help poorer students after lockdown.

Grammar school’s boarding facility may have to close

Grammar school Sir Roger Manwood’s in Kent has said it may have to close its boarding facility where it has become financially unviable and to stop the same happening to the day school.

The pandemic and social distancing measures have contributed to a “perfect storm” of monetary issues at the school in Sandwich.

It means the allocated eight boarder spaces out of the 150 overall spaces for Year 7s might be open to local children only in the next academic year.

There has been boarding provision at Manwood’s since the school’s earliest days, with major expansion of accommodation in the late 1940s. 

The National Grammar Schools Association lists these grammar schools as offering boarding facilities. 

Tuition will help poorer students catch up after lockdown

Lockdown school closures could wipe out 10 years of progress in closing the achievement gap between poor and rich pupils, a report by the Education Endowment Foundation suggests.

Modest estimates in the government-commissioned report suggest the shutdowns could cause the gap to widen by around a third of what it is now, the BBC reports.

This could mean poorest primary pupils, who are already nine months behind, slipping back a further three months.

The Education Endowment Foundation study said catch-up tuition would help.

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