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Start 11-plus tuition in Year 5 if your child is performing well in school, says 11 Plus Pod’s Simone Foley.

Top tips for maths: Fluent times tables knowledge is incredibly important; use a highlighter to identify key information and be methodical in your approach to solving multi-step word problems.

Top tips for English: Read a wide range of texts (modern and classic fiction; newspapers; non-fiction texts; poems). Frequent, good quality reading will broaden your vocabulary and positively impact on your writing skills.


Top tips for verbal/non-verbal reasoning: Practice question types. Identify the ones you are good at and develop strategies for those you find trickier. This will help your time management in the exam.

Are you now offering online tutoring? We currently offer weekly tuition online as well as delivering workshops and mock exams online via Zoom.

How are children responding? Overall, the transition has been very smooth. Most children have continued online and adapted to the new format.

When should a child start preparing for the eleven-plus? From the beginning of Year 5 is the ideal time to start, particularly if they are achieving well at school. Starting in Year 4 can be beneficial if you want to consolidate core English and maths skills.

How many hours a week does a child need to study? One hour of tuition a week is generally sufficient but additional work should be done independently at home. We set weekly homework in English, maths and writing or verbal reasoning each week to help consolidate key concepts and, from Easter, begin to work through past papers.

Best materials to use: We tend to tailor our resources to our pupils. However, if you are looking at books to buy, I would recommend CGP, Bond, Schofield & Sims and Eleven Plus Exams’ First Past the Post. For maths, I also recommend the Peter Robson books.

Schools tutored for: CSSE Consortium Schools, The King John School, Chelmsford High School for Girls, New Hall, Brentwood & Felsted.

How long have you been a tutor? I have been a tutor for four years. Prior to that I was a full-time teacher in a local primary school.

Price of tuition per hour: £35 (1:1); £25 (Paired); £20 (Small group – maximum four)

Website: 11 Plus Pod and The Tuition Pod

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