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Children have taken to online tutoring like ducks to water, says Becky Corden of West Kent Tutor.

Top tips for maths: Children need a really solid base of maths foundations including times table facts, place value knowledge and an excellent understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. They also need to be able to use a mixture of skills in multistep problems and to be able to use mental maths ‘short cuts’ and approximations to get answers quickly and efficiently.

Top tips for English: An excellent and wide ranging vocabulary is important alongside developing inference and comprehension skills. Children should have a good grasp of how to use all the basic punctuation marks and how to classify words and literary techniques with confidence.

Top tips for verbal/non-verbal reasoning: Children need to be able to spot patterns. My advice is always to check what has stayed the same and what has changed. Looking for similarities and differences is key to solving non-verbal reasoning. In verbal reasoning, children need to take a calm, systematic approach to search for rules and patterns which they can apply to find the answer. A solid base of vocabulary and synonyms and antonyms is essential. Vocabulary type questions can also be solved by using knowledge of word classes and common spelling patterns.

Are you now offering online tutoring? Yes I am tutoring around 20 hours a week online – the same as I normally would face to face.

How are children responding? The have taken to it like ducks to water!

When should a child start preparing for the eleven-plus? Year 4 onwards.

How many hours a week does a child need to study? 1-2 hours a week in year 4, ramping up in year 5 and daily practice in the run up to the exam.

Little and often though, with small tasks spread across the week.

Best materials to use: I use Zoom and Bitpaper for online tuition. For 11-plus tuition I use a mixture of CGP, Letts, GL and Schofield and Simms. They are well suited to the test taken by children in my area and using a mix ensures that children are exposed to a range of question types and layouts.

Schools tutored for: Kent grammar schools, Tonbridge School, Sevenoaks, Caterham School, Walthamstow Hall, Lingfield College, Kent College and more.

How long have you been a tutor? Eighteen years as a teacher, I’ve been privately tutoring for the last four years.

Price of tuition per hour: £38

Website: West Kent Tutor

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