Review: CGP 11+ Maths Practice Question Cards

This is a box of 95 maths practice question cards for the CEM test covering verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning.

The colour-coded cards are split into five categories – working with numbers; number knowledge; data handling; shapes and space; units and measures and mixed problems.

Each card covers three to five questions and has answers and explanations on the back

An example of a mixed problem question:

An Antarctic explorer measures the height of penguins. She finds three adult penguins with heights 102cm, 115cm and 113cm. A baby penguin is 40cm smaller than the mean height of the three average penguins. What is the height of the baby penguin? (Answer: 70cm.)

These cards could be used to target a weakness or to fill in a few spare moments. A child could also be given these to work through on his or her own.

CGP 11+ Maths Practice Question Cards

For the CEM test – ages 10-11 Price £9.99

Verdict: 9 out of 10

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