Good at maths but not a reader

My son is bright – he’s doing very well at maths but he hates reading. Do you have any advice?

Perseverance is key here and you may have to try several different approaches.

Roald Dahl is a good author to start with – each of the books in the Quentin Blake-illustrated Puffin series have an excerpt from another Dahl book so there is an impetus to keep reading.

Aim to read to him for at least half an hour a night, and over time encourage your son to start reading chapters himself.

Try to find a book that will be a page turner for him to hopefully open up the world of reading. For me, that was The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier.

Set aside time to read every day, especially on the weekends and on holiday. One parent I know places such importance on reading, he encourages his son to read for an hour at the start of every day.

Try turning off the internet at home – often when there is nothing else to do, children will turn to books.

Visit book shops and libraries regularly and get your son to choose books.

If none of the above works, try signing up to Audible. At least he will be accumulating vocabulary while listening to stories.

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  1. Don’t forget The Cadwaladr Quests Vocabulary Novels. Even if readers don’t like the genre, they will be exposed to so much 11+ vocab all under one roof 😁

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