News review: Among elite, independent and grammar schools more usual, reports BBC

Among the elite, the comprehensive school is a minority background, where independent and grammar schools are more usual, according a new study by The Sutton Trust and Social Mobility Commission.

The social mobility charity says top professions in the UK are still unduly dominated by people who have gone through private schools and Oxford and Cambridge universities, as the BBC reported (June 25, 2018).

Trust chairman Sir Peter Lampl warned of an “increasingly divided society”.

The study, Elitist Britain, looked at the schools and universities attended by 5,000 high achievers at the top of business, politics, the media, public organisations, creative industries and sport.

It does not name individuals but concludes that “power rests with a narrow section of the population – the 7 percent who attend private schools and the 1 percent who graduate from Oxford and Cambridge”.

The Sutton Trust and Social Mobility Commission have put forward several recommendations to improve social diversity in the education and employment sectors, Schools Week reported (also on June 25).

These included a fairer admissions process in comprehensive and grammar schools, as well as opening up private schools, in order to tackle social segregation, the publication said.

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