Review: 11+ Flash Cards

Achieving a wide vocabulary is key to 11-plus success, so can flash cards help?

As the headmistress of Nonsuch High School for Girls said at the open day last year, reading is the best preparation for the exam.

Some tutors recommend children read for around an hour a day.

But there are some products available to turbo-boost your child’s vocabulary.

11+ Flash Cards is a box of 200-high frequency words which have appeared in recent 11+ papers, available on Amazon for £12.

Each word is explained and used in sentence. Synonyms and antonyms are listed.


The pack comes with some metal rings that allow you to select some cards to learn while out and about.

Verdict: The words are a little on the basic side. My daughter knew about half the words in the pack. The metal rings and dividers were handy. She first separated the cards into the ones she knew and didn’t know and put the remainder on the metal key rings which she sometimes read on the bus to school. Not a visually appealing product but does the job. We started making our cards ourselves but found using these cards a quicker way to learn.

Marks: 7 out of 10


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