My 11+ experience – Sarah

Target schools: The Henrietta Barnett School, The Tiffin Girls’ School, Nonsuch High School for Girls (2019)

School achieved: Nonsuch High School for Girls (out of catchment place)

CAT scores: Verbal 135; quantitative 135; non-verbal 115 (Christmas Year 5)

Verbal, quantitative, non-verbal averaged 115 (Christmas Year 4)

Started preparing for 11-plus: Beginning of Year 5. Ordered study guides October half term /year 5

Study time: No more than 1 hour per day. In the summer holidays before year 6 often studied 2 hours a day. Daughter read voraciously.

The Henrietta Barnett School: Maths 118.57; verbal 111.82. Total score: 230.39. Round two cut score: 234.99. Failed to get through to second round.

The Tiffin Girls’ School: Stage two English 58.5; stage 2 maths 31.6; total score 90.1. Cut off mark was 106.7.

Nonsuch High School: out of catchment place

The Greycoat Hospital language aptitude test: number 23 on waiting list for language place. Received letter from headmistress saying, based on previous years, if we put the school number one on the CAF form, we would stand a chance of getting a place.

Books and tutors used: No tutor used. Worked through all the CPG 11+ CEM bundle for 9-10 and 10-11. Also used Bond books and Bond test papers in summer holiday before Year 6. Used some books from the First Past the Post Series. The cloze books and comprehension were too easy – she got full marks in every test. Numerical reasoning books were useful.

Mock exams: Took mock exams at the Eleven Plus exam centre in Harrow. In May year 5 she scored around 60 percent in maths and English, by August this score had risen to 85 percent. Was told she should be getting 90 percent upwards to get into The Henrietta Barnett School.

What I would have done differently:

Maybe not have taken Grade 5 piano the July before the exams. Would have started studying earlier – the summer holiday between the end of year 4 and year 5 could have been put to good use.

Had no idea of the difference between CEM and GL for several months. Wasted time doing non-verbal reasoning when she wasn’t tested on that in the end.

Maybe should have focused more on exam technique. My daughter was top in her year in maths but did so badly in maths in the Tiffin second round, I wondered whether she had answered in the wrong order.

Child’s motivation: My daughter was motivated by the promise of a dog. I didn’t have a problem getting her to work through exercises alone each night, which I would then mark the next day.

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  1. That’s very precise but detailed story about your daughters Eleven plus journey 👏👌🙏. Thanks for sharing.

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